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  1. Served at McMurdo 1972-73. Job was doing phone patches from Amateur Radio Station KC4USV.
    It was the most memorable year of my life.

    1. Hi Mel, Welcome aboard, visit the website at for more information about the OAEA group with many members that you may of served with.
      I sent you email address on to Billy Baker.
      He may send you some information also.

      Gabby W/O 74-75

    2. I operated KC4AAD out of Longwire Station, a sub station of Byrd 67/68

  2. It’s really great to see/read so many comments from everyone/everywhere/over so many years of service. I remain working in the program-since 1991. Keep up the great conversation!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for dropping by and making a post.


  3. frederick Mikkelsen

    Having trouble navigating your website.
    I’d like to get a plate frame for my SeaBee brother who was stationed there in 1961-62 as Unit Support Firefighter.
    Any help or direction you can supply would be appreciated.
    Fred Mikkkelsen, EN3 USCG

    1. Hey Fred, glad to see you on the OAEA site, not many from CGCC.

  4. spent a yea at McMurdo 1957 to 1958 deep freeze 3

  5. Pat "Rediron" McComick

    Watched a great 90 minute movie/documentary entitled “Antarctica: A Year on The Ice” yesterday on Netflix. Gives meaningful insight to what it’s really like there. Many things have changed, but many things remain the same as when I spent a year there in 1956. My wife, daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter loved it. Although I have a more than an average interest in this type of thing I highly recommend it for even the most casual viewer.

    1. Hi Pat,
      Quite a co-incidence, My wife and I watched it a few days ago also, I could not help but point out to her how life was quite different 40, 50 or 60 years ago. How did we survive with no ATM’s and internet.


      1. Pat "Rediron" McComick

        What we didn’t know didn’t hurt us, besides we had too much work to do.

        1. Roger that Pat,

    2. spent a year at McMurdo during deep freeze 3 1957 to 1958

      1. Hi Ron,
        Welcome aboard, visit the OAEA website at

        Take Care Gabby

  6. Ron Woodhouse (AEC retired)

    Nice site.

  7. Michael C Madden EMC (SS)

    Byrd Station 65-66

    1. Frank Ironi EMCM USN Ret

      Spent 65-66 McMurdo power plant operator until made chief then maintenance chief Mc Murdo. set up run way lights for emergency air evac, first time lights were used. opened Williams field for Spring flights.

      1. Hi Frank,
        Good to hear from you,
        You may want to visit the main website and keep in touch @
        I wintered over in 1974/75 and ran the power plant that year.

        Gabby CEC USN Ret.

        1. Frank Ironi EMCM USN Ret

          Gabby, was the plaques with the crew names at the plant when you were there? I wonder what ever happened to them. I talked to a civilian that was down there and he said they were gone. Frank

          1. Hi Frank, I don’t remember a plaque with the crews names on it. I remember the clock with all the 5’s on it and it ran backwards. I always wondered what happened to that clock. Somebody has a very nice souvenir.

    2. Hi Michael, I spent the summer of 1967 at Longwire Station a sub-station of Byrd and I spent the winter at McMurdo 1968. Both stations (Longwire & Byrd) are more than likely crusted. :-(( Any way it was GREAT living on the ICE for a year. I was a USARP mechanic. Rich

  8. why not ?????

  9. Member of Airdevron 6, Task Force 43 (1955-56)
    Royal Order of Deepfreeze I. In charge of Maintenance crew of Helicopter on ‘CGC EASTWIND’ (WAGB-279)
    I have the scroll hanging my wall signed by Adm R.E.Byrd.


  10. Randall Holloway

    I’m researching information for my Dad without his knowledge as a surprise and to try and do the right thing for U.S. Naval History and Science in the process. Dad was Seabee Hudson Eugene Holloway that took part of Operation Deep Freeze on the USS Wyandot under Captain R.K. Irving (Irving Glacier). Dad climbed mountains in New Zealand and mentioned that he would like to climb Mt Erebus to Sir Raymond Edward Priestly (1886-1974) aboard the Wyandot. I believe Sir Priestly was part of the UK’s Geological Survey of the Falkland Islands and a Observer at the time.

    Sir Priestly’s counterpart Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008) was part of the New Zealander Climbing Team, but he had to return home for something important. Sir Priestly got with Capt Irving and a Erebus Team was put together with Dad as the lead of two, two men teams to climb the volcano. The teams consisted of Capt Irving an AP Reporter Charlie Mayer and Dad and CAL Tech Hugh R. Anderson on the other team. I get a bit confused with the dates, but I believe it was January 1959 that Dad climbed Erebus. If anyone has anymore info I’d appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.

  11. I’d guess several OAEA members heard about, been to dry Valleys, but Wash. Post had a picture of Blood Falls New to me @ age 84

    1. I remember going to the Dry Valley’s out of McMurdo in 1968, it looked just like the photo’s that we have seen of MARS.

  12. W/O 92-93 (NSFA DP1). Looking for any other persons on the ice during that time.

  13. I’d like to contact Gary Forney, who was a Navy AN on the USCGC Eastwind on DF-1, to thank him for his response in the Gazette. Semper Par to all the DF-1 bunch of history makers .

  14. I was at Hallett (wintering over party) during DEEP FREEZE 60–61. Sorry to see the station closed


    1. Paul, Are you still in Pensacola as am I?

      1. Hi Tom,
        Paul Quinlan is in the Port Hueneme area.

  16. CWO2 Thomas Gaines, USN (Ret), COMNAVSUPPFORANTARCTICA Personnel Officer, 1991 – 1994

  17. EO1 retired NSFA 1981-85 1993. Last full Seabee crew what a bummer!

  18. I tried to log on but it seems I have forgotten how to do that!!

  19. Earl Griffith (Griff)

    Spent a little time on the ice from ’70-73. First in the firehouse, then when I made AG3 it was off to McGregor camp on Beardmore glacier and then on up the coast to Hallett station. I finished out the season at Hallett and returned for the last two. We closed down the station in ’73 not knowing if it would ever be used again as an active navy site. As it turned out, now there is nothing left, except perhaps the Prince Albert tobacco can with the note paper and pencil for all who climb the nearby bluff and locate the cairn. Great crews and great times even though we were isolated for weeks at a time. I managed to acquire the last flag to fly over the station while under US Navy command, thanks to then Capt. E W Van Reeth, a true sailor’s sailor.
    Earl Griffith AG 2 (Griff)

  20. I am looking for anyone who was at the firehouse winter over at McMurdo 82-83, particularly Dean Harrell. My husband, Jeffrey Byard was there.

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