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  1. Pleasure to meet Lennie Bourgeois and his wife this week on our Delta flight to Norfolk. Not often you meet someone who has made it to the South Pole. I had the opportunity while serving as the Command Chief for the Joint Task Force, Support Forces Antarctica in 2005/2006. Whish you all the best.

    Paul H. Weseloh, CMSgt, USAF, Retired

    1. Paul
      Shame you did not know about the 7th OAEA reunion that was taking place at the Sheraton Waterside’s in Norfolk last week (Nov 12-14). Our local group hosted and we had 191 attendees. Our next reunion will be in 2016 hosted by the New England group so you might want to join the OAEA and attend that reunion.

      Bill Raymus

  2. After returning to our home port of Baltimore Md. USCG yard from a ARTIC TASK 43 deployment, we were spending a few months getting ready for a ANTARTIC deployment with a detachment of SEABEES from GULF PORT Ms.
    their mission was to construct various buildings and get PALMER STATION II ready for operation .
    After Palmer Station II was built and the Seabees mission was successfully completed a dedication ceremony was held. we had been in and out of the channel many times without incident, we got underway and were heading home and the ship hit a uncharted rock formation and was aground and taking water, I had just got into the rack and GQ sounded off, my GQ position was the 500 kHz maritime mobile calling and distress frequency position.
    so I’m at the position half dressed with my lifejacket on when the order came down to send an SOS.
    This happened in March 1968, I was an RM2 and also the ships postal clerk with a fully commissioned Post office aboard the USCGC SOUTHWIND WAGB 280 a WIND Class icebreaker.
    to finish the story google “GROUNDING OF THE SOUTHWIND

    I’m a new member (a few weeks)
    it’s a pleasure to be associated with AEO

    Ralph Breschini RM1 USCG Retired
    Lakewood, ohio 44107

    Hello Ms Laura, I do not see my posting I sent you.
    did I send it to the wrong person and if so did you
    forward it to the correct placed.
    ralph – new member
    Antartica 67-68

  3. Curtis Jackson, ACC, Retared

    Byrd GCA unit, summer sixty three, Christchurch sixty four.

    1. Hi Curtis,
      I saw your post and I am forwarding your information to Billy Baker, he will send you some information about the OAEA organization. If your already are member, then visit the site for more information on the upcoming reunion.


  4. Rick Sheridan (UT1 W.O. 1979)

    Howdy, All!
    I summered at Williams Field PW as LPO. Wintered in Bldg 155 with the rest of the guys. Anyone else around that was there that year?

    1. Hi Rick,
      Gabby Here, I wintered over in 74/75
      We have a reunion coming up in a few months, you might be interested in seeing more information.

  5. did not see any way to sign in, so, I will say hello to all OAEs by this comment. I w/o 1968 to 1969 (read 54 weeks on the ice). I worked relay (summer) and message center (winter). I would like to take this time to apologies to all mess personnel who I hoodwinked into thinking, I only had 6 loaves of bread for relay but really had 8 and sometimes 9. sure made a lot of radiomen happy. peanut butter and jelly on fresh bread – I still can remember how it tasted. I will be joining this very exclusive club with pride – check is in the mail.

    1. Welcome Ralph
      Glad to see you are joining the OAEA. We are having out 7th OAEA Reunion this Nov in Norfolk Va. Would enjoy seeing you there. Good time to talk with other OAEA’s and share some good ice stories. The special Reunion newsletter is on the OAEA website with all the info you need. Hope to see you there.
      Bill Raymus

    2. Rick Hall (ET-1 ASA)

      Hello Ralph,

      Nice to see a post from someone in my Era at McM. I was the cal tech there at McMurdo 67 – 69.
      My wife and I are planning to be at the reunion this Nov. at Norfolk. We live in Delaware in the summers and Daytona Beach in the winter. Do you know what became of Paul Knapik the Div Officer of the ET’s?
      All the best.
      Rick Hall

      1. Hi Bill,
        I sent you some info re email on Connor’s

  6. Michael Blomquist

    Spent two summer seasons at the McMurdo Weather Office. The first was ’97-’98 when the Navy turned the station over to civilians, and second more recently in ’10-’11. I’m a retired Air Force weather guy with a taste for adventure. The “Ice” never fails to entertain.

  7. The lasr 2013 Gazette had a picture of some Army Buck Privates who rode the Eastwind to the ICE. I enjoyed discussing “intellectual” things like the classics with them, they didn’t say what they’d be doing, I guessed ELF. anyway I learn 58 years later they had master degrees, the Army drafted them & sent them to Antarctica.

  8. Spent the summer of 1967 at Byrd sub-station called Longwire and W/O at McMurdo 1968. I was a mechanic for the NSF. I was what the Navy called USARP’s. I live in Pleasant Hill, California.

  9. Does anyone know where the closest OAEA chapter is to central Pa.

    1. Hello JC,

      Welcome to the guest book, I am going to send your information on over to Billy Baker, He should be able to answer your question.

      Gabby here, W/O 74-75

  10. Wintered over 71-72 in Supply, went summer support in Terminal Ops in Davisville then went to Port Huneme to start a Terminal Ops office. Had to go back to McMurdo for hill cargo in 75. Got back to Hueneme at the end of summer and had a great retirement party at the Seabee Club and the VFW on the 17th of March 1975

    1. Hi there JC,
      Gabby here, welcome aboard, good to see you.
      I have passed your information on to Billy Baker.

      Gabby W/O 74/75

  11. Christina DiGregorio

    Hi all – I found out about this association yesterday while at a retirement ceremony. Lucky for me the retiree’s father is a member and plans to attend the reunion this fall. BZ to Master Chief Magic Mike Walsh for bringing me to this site.

    1. Hi Cristina,
      Thanks for visitIng the OAEA guest book,
      I will pass your information onto Billy Baker and he will make contact and send you more information.

      Gabby W/O 74/75

  12. Ed Holton, HM1/FMF USN/RET

    Was LPO of NSFA Summer Support Medical Dept. from 1987 through 1991. Spent my last deployment as senior enlisted Medical Dept. rep in Christchurch. Miss the Ice and Christchurch a lot. Best tour in 20 years of Naval service. I was the only x-ray tech on the Ice and the last one permanently assigned to NSFA as a regular part of NSFA Medical. Would sure like to hear from some of my fellow HM’s and others there during my time.

    1. Scott Peaslee, CM1(SCW) USN/RET

      Hey ED. There are a few OAE from our era on Face Book. Look up NSFA OAE and join us. I was a CM1 at PW from 89 thru 92. one of the best places to be stationed. Once in a life time. or

  13. Wondering when “Special Edition” Reunion Gazzette will be forthcoming for upcoming meeting in Norfolk? Plan on attending and desire to book flight/hotel as soon as possible. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Sent this on to Billy Baker, he should reply to you


  14. I wintered at McMurdo in ’56 and was a member of the 1st Pole construction crew. My granddaughter is now doing her grad school thesis about how she would set-up, promote and advertise a museum dedicated to Antarctica . Does anyone know anyone who is close to the inner workings of Museums? If so, please respond with some contact info to Thanks.

    1. Hello Patrick,
      Welcome aboard, I have passed your information onto Billy Baker

      Gabby W/O 74/75

      1. Thanks Gabby, however, I have been aboard for quite some time and have posted many times.

        1. Hello Patrick,
          I will try to remember that.
          I send everything on over to Billy B and let him know that somebody posted in the Guest Book.

          Have a great day and take care.


        2. Sent this on to Billy Baker, he will probably reply to you directly.


    2. Hi Patrick

      I was on the Ice in 62-63-64. In answer to your question about museums, There is a VERY large
      museum dedicated to Antarctica in Christchurch New Zealand. This is how she can contact them

      The International Antarctic Centre

      Street Address:
      38 Orchard Road, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch 8544, New Zealand

      Postal Address:
      PO Box 14088, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch 8544, New Zealand

      +64 3 357 0519

      +64 3 357 3499

      Hope this will help.

  15. ok – what i don;t understand is why i don;t see any one that was on antarctica in 1960/70 in the summer time. i see alot of CBU201 but i don;t see anytihng about MCB58 – (ASA) that also was there, its like we got left out of things, or no one cares that we were also part of things as well. so if you spent any time down there around 69/70 and in Mcmurdo station let me know it would be nice to hear from some one from that time. john mcb 58 -asa seabees –

    1. Hey John, I sent you some links to the Facebook groups and a link to the association page in an email.
      take a look see if you know anybody there. hell we have had people attend the reunions from way back when McMurdo was not even built.

    2. see my new entry, w/o 68-69 and proud of it… think! we lived a national geographic movie. see any honey buckets lately?

      1. Hi Ralph,
        Thanks for signing the guest book, I sent your information on over to Billy ACE “Penguin” Baker RMC


    3. Rick Hall (ET-1 ASA)

      Hello John,

      I was at McMurdo, Bird, & Pole Station 67-69. The OAE election ballot came today, and I thought I’d try to find Robert Connor who is running for director. He was an ET as well. Saw your note. I was at Davisville for 3 years. Looks like you’re in upstate NY.

      Been trying to find some of the crew I was with. Paul Knapik (WO-1) especially.

      Rick Hall

      1. Check you email, Info has been sent.

      2. Hi rick, I don’t get on the site much but I am glad to hear from some one. I was there in 69/70 summer, been told that it is a 70’s thing. they go by. just trying to find guy’s that I was with down there, we were in building #52 hard to find them guy’s. take care.

  16. ok – what i don;t understand is why i don;t see any one that was on antarctica in 1960/70 in the summer time. i see alot of CBU201 but i don;t see anytihng about MCB58 – (ASA) that also was there, its like we got left out of things, or no one cares that we were also put of things as well. so if you spent any time down there around 69/70 and in Mcmurdo station let me know it would be nice to hear from some one from that time. john mcb 58 -asa seabees –

  17. I was a storekeeper with comnavsupforant det 2. Home base CBC Davisville RI. TDY for summer ops in CHCH 62 to 64. In charge of Air Cargo. When you arrived or departed, I probably unloaded/loaded your plane. Still have friends in CHCH and visit periodically.
    Glad to find our about this association.

    Lloyd Alexander SK3

    1. Hello Lloyd,
      welcome aboard, I will pass your information onto Billy Baker and he will send you some information.


  18. Howard (Guhor) Wick

    I was an RM2 and wintered over at McMurdo (DF-63) with the Great, Illustrious and most Reverent Ali-Ben Sahadimakadonus Baker-stein (RMC-SS Billy A. Baker).
    What ever happened to Eights Station? Can’t believe that was 51 years ago.

    1. Hello Howard,
      Thanks for registering onto the OAEA guestbook.
      I have send your information onto Billy B

      Gabby W/O 74-75

    2. Charles (PINKY)PALSGR AF EM1 ret.

      was down there w/o 63 don.t have book with me,live in va.beach part of the yr. had some grate time’s in DAVISVILLE,before we left for the ice.hope to see u at the reunion

  19. Four seasons.
    I still have dreams about the Ice, the long months of 12 hour days, waiting for March when I could go home.
    The fourth year was the hardest, as I was getting out of the Navy, and they sent me back again!
    AG3..WX office, Mcmurdo

    1. Thanks for signing in, come back often and leave a note here and there.

  20. Never got to the ‘ice’, but was LPO (RM1) of the Naval Communications Unit at Christchurch from ’76 to ’79. Went on to convert to Data Processing Technician rating and stayed for the 20 years. Retired and returned to Christchurch in early 1986. Moved to Wellington for work in 1996 and am still there. I run into LCDR Dale McDaniel or get an e-mail (usually a joke) from him on occasion and we Skype with RM1 Ed Wells, who was my predecessor at the Comm Unit. He’s put his feet up in New Orleans.

    You guys wouldn’t recognise Christchurch now. Downtown is now just rebuilding after very damaging earthquakes. Not much left in the ‘high rise’ department.


    1. Hi Dan,
      Thanks for signing onto the guest book, I sort of missed your entry and just now saw it.
      I am send your info onto Billy Baker, he will send you some information about the OAE association.


      Gabby W/O 74/75

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