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  1. I was fortunate to lead the first NZ Army Cargo team to Antarctica in late 1972. Four people stick in my memory from my few short weeks at McMurdo: Choyce Prewitt who worked at Mac Centre; Maj Mac McGaw who I reported to during our short tour; a fellow whose name I have forgotten who lived down in an ice cave at the control tower at Williams Field ice runway (he had a taste for New Zealand cheese and I sent him a parcel of cheese once I was back home); and the aircraft maintenance leader (?) who I shared a room with at Willy Field BOQ. If any of you should come across this short note, thank you, I have very special memories of our short working relationships! Kia ora from Auckland, New Zealand!

  2. new e-mail adress

  3. Ed Holton, HM1/FMF USN/RET

    Was LPO of NSFA Summer Support Medical Dept. 1987 – 1991. Made 3 trips to Ice and last deployment as senior Medical Dept. rep in Christchurch. Best tour in 20 years of Naval career and had a ball! Was the only x-ray tech on the continent of Antarctica. Would like to hear from anyone on the Ice or in Christchurch during that time.

  4. Just a question for anyone who might have some information at their disposal – I was told by a relative (can’t remember who exactly) that another relative had flown on the Que Sera Sera. That’s all I remember being told, so I have no other details of the story, but would like to know if it’s true. All I can say is that the last name of the crew member had to be Ingraham. I used to work at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, and they had some records there, but I didn’t find anything that indicated an Ingraham being on the aircraft at any time. Can anyone tell me where to look or actually give me an answer to this question? Thanks in advance!

    1. Ted: According to Adm Dufek’s book, Pilot of the R4D first at the pole is Shinn, Hawk’s (pilot of the 1st otter to crash, ’55) as co-pilot, Swadener, navigator, Strider as plane capt.,Cumbie as radioman. Maybe Jay has other info.

  5. Went to the Ice in “66” with CBU 201. Worked on the water lines from the nuke plant to MacTown. Looking for anyone in 201 who was there at that time. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

  6. ❓ i was there in 64 through 68. worked on a/c line, also was load master on 320. does anyone remember Pat Sureth? he was a 2nd class medal smith back then. anyone having info give me a call.—( 352)-342-5645.

  7. W/O 72, CM-2. public works.

  8. Was in VXE6 from 70-73 and was flight metalsmith on 318 when it crashed and burned at Willy Field in 71. Worked in QA and Maint Cont my last year. Made Chief while in the Squadron and retired in 91 as a LDO LCDR. Spent lots of years at Oceana in various squadrons. I saw a couple of names here that I remember, Jim Bain and Willie Barr, hope you guys are doing well. Had lots of fun in 6. Would like to hear from anyone who knew me.

  9. George Biddlecombe III

    Just learned of the site from George Mixson (NSFA AIR OPS-79-80) Great tour, with many friends out there. Hope to make the November Bash in San Diego

  10. LC-130 flight engineer from 1975-1980.

  11. Spent the 86 – 89 seasons with VXE6. Participated in the initial recovery of 321 at D-59. I never had the opportunity to winter over but closed out each year I was there. Lots of great memories of the squadron, McMurdo, and Willy Field and more than a few lost memories in the Erebus club and Willy Tavern.

  12. Gordon Williams, C-121 Gentleman

    Flew on the goonies in 63-65, and on 644 from 65-67. Greatest job in the U. S Navy…

  13. Wintered over at Cape Hallett 1960. Had a great time with a great bunch of blokes. Would love to see the place again. Is there anyone out there from 1960? contact me at


    1. I did not winter over but I was summer support at Cape Hallett for DF 67, 68 and 69.

      Cape Hallett is now closed and the buildings are all gone and all the fuel cleaned up..From what I hear
      the buildings are at a museum in chch..

      1. Hello Charles,
        You probably do not remember me. My name is Jim Drummond and I was the RM2 that helped break you in your first summer at Hallett. Looking forward to hearing from you.
        Jim Drummond

  14. Stephanie Gemeiner Nelson

    I was just looking up some interesting info about my father who was in Operation Deep Freeze in 1957 and 1958. I wish he had become a member before he passed away in 2004. He had lots of stories to tell. His name was Charles Allen Gemeiner. I think he retired in 1958, I was 3 years old. I missed out in being a Navy Brat.

  15. Winter over DF71 weather guessers Joe Gogel, Robin Seib, Thomas J. Hoffman. Hell of a ride in on the Pegasus, better flight out. Trying to put together a winter over weather guesser roster for all the years. any input would be appreciated……..

  16. hi guys w/o 73 pole, w/o mcmudhole 75, ut-1 kenn saxman (allagater),just wanted to say hi. ut1 ret. USN

  17. VX-6 Willy field AT-shop in 66 Hut 7. Connie crew 67 Pegasus644.

  18. Glad to see we have a guest book again. Interested persons who care about the USS/USCGC Glacier. There is a group trying to save her from becoming razor blades. Help would be appreciated.

  19. four summers and two winters at wilkes station. operated ham radio kc4aac. g’day.

  20. Searching for any information/pictures/stories about my father Michael Berg
    who wintered over at least three times at McMurdo anywhere from 73-78ish.
    Think young, straight outta high school, glasses, worked in weather with
    balloons and data collection, had a radio show, played darts, etc.


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